Bezinga Interview: How DailyPay Helped Fortune 100 Companies Digitize Their Pay Experience During COVID-1


Interview with Renato Capelj

In the simplest way possible: DailyPay throws a wrench at the traditionally commoditized payroll processing industry.

“You have this very old static industry that has always revolved around the employer.” Less said. “This, as a result, has created gaps on the employee side.

“There really is no inherent motivation or incentive for any of the traditional players to actually improve payroll because, frankly, the employers were more interested in getting other types of human capital management features.” Read more here

New Study From DailyPay Reveals Two Main Factors That Affect A Company’s Hiring Efforts In New World Of Work

Flexible Pay

As companies continue to slowly staff up and hire new employees over the next few months, they will have to prioritize diversity and remote working, according to a new “Work Different” survey from DailyPay.

The research reveals the majority of Americans believe that companies with diversity in its leadership and workforce are more desired places to work and better equipped to relate to its customers. The poll also shows that the majority of job seekers prefer a company that offers the ability to work remotely and that those who do work remotely are more effective and work longer hours.

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Skeptics Beware: The Daily Pay Benefit is Here to Stay


With 78% of all Americans living paycheck to paycheck, employers that offer a benefit that contributes to financial wellness and security will be more favorable to employees. That’s why daily pay benefits are becoming mainstream, and employers are already seeing impressive results.

I predict that 2019 is the year that the daily pay benefit goes mainstream. Employers are impressed with the results they are seeing in terms of reduced turnover, greater employee engagement and retention, and a growing candidate pool who want the daily pay benefit that potential employers are offering.

If you’re still feeling skeptical, it’s time to come around to understanding why this benefit is going to reach critical mass this year — and that’s because one of its biggest benefits is helping your employees to feel more financially secure. And with 78% of all Americans living paycheck to paycheck, offering a benefit that contributes to financial wellness and security is critical to increasing employee engagement.

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Why businesses can’t go back to the same compensation models

Flexible Pay

Originally published on BenefitsPro, July 10, 2020

Preparing to “head back to the office” — whatever that might mean — shouldn’t mean a return to business as usual. Our understanding of workplaces, and the way we live and work, has been fundamentally shattered, and employers must use this time as an opportunity to reconsider their relationships with employees.

In recent months, workers redefined work-life balance and started to lean on managers for support beyond the boundaries of work. Employees rely on their employers for consistent income to support their families and pay for critical health care and other services. During the crisis, many employers have responded to employees’ needs by temporarily offering more flexible pay options.

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