Forbes: Helping employees build financial stability

Flexible Pay

As we continue to grapple with the effects of the first wave of COVID-19, a second wave feels distant. But another wave of financial challenges is just around the corner. Business leaders can help their employees prepare by empowering them to build savings now, mitigating significant financial worry.

Jason Lee, CEO at DailyPay — the award-winning, gold standard on-demand platform offering comprehensive pay-experience solutions to world-class companies and their millions of employees, including Kroger, Adecco, and Berkshire Hathaway — says the key to preparing for the “second wave” of COVID-19 challenges is helping employees build financial stability now. 

In a new survey of hourly workers jointly conducted by DailyPay and Funding our Future, 50% of respondents said they are either “finding it difficult to get by” or are “just getting by.” Another 40% reported they’re having difficulty paying bills each month. 

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Jason Lee CEO of DailyPay at NYC HQ